Tattoos by che

Tattoos by che

Tattoos by cheTattoos by cheTattoos by che



about Ché...

Javier  ”ché”  Rivera  is  an  International  award winning tattoo  artist from  San  Juan,  Puerto  Rico.   Currently working at Color Conspiracy Studio. With 18  years of  experience  under  his  belt  as  a  tattooer  Ché  is  well  known  for  his   wide  range  and  mastery  of  many  styles  of  tattooing.  Having been  awarded multiple 1rst  place  trophies for  Japanese/Oriental,  Traditional  America,  Black  and  Greay ,  Color  and  Blackwork  styles  his  portfolio is extremely  versatile  and  often confused for  the  work  of  various different artists.  Take  a  look  for  yourselves and  enjoy!

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